Accounts Receivable Financing Trends

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How are Accounts Receivable Financing Trends in the US

Accounts Receivable Financing Trends 

As a company, we’ve always wondered if people conducted searches to learn about accounts receivables financing online. In order to find out, we decided utilize Google trends.

Right off the bat, Google Keyword planner and AdWords gave two very different stories—meaning that the lead quality is very poor.

So, we decided to dig deeper to uncover the current account receivable financing trends.

March 2015 – Till date

We started out by looking at the lifetime trends for accounts receivable financing and found that the curve looked flat. This concluded that there was little to no long term trends around the topic.

But the past two years tell a different story. According to the data, accounts receivable has had a somewhat sudden increase in popularity. This uptick in popularity shows that people are not only looking up accounts receivable financing online, but are also looking for factoring companies and lenders.

Region-wise Interest in AR Financing

Interest in accounts receivable financing significantly varies region by region—with Texas leading the way with around 100 monthly searches.

Accounts Receivable Financing Trends

Accounts Receivable Financing Trends

Over the past few years, the frequency of searches on the topic of account receivable financing are at an all time high of 1,2000.  Buyers are not only looking for information, but are extremely interested in alternative financing solutions online.

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