PO financing

PO financing, also known as Purchase Order Financing is a financial solution, which allows fast growing businesses to develop and expand beyond what their existing working capital can support. When asked to provide PO financing, Coral Capital Solutions evaluates the strength of a confirmed purchase order by the credit strength of the customers rather than the client itself.



PO financing

A typical client would be a fast growing importer, an undercapitalized business, or one that is outsourcing production of its goods to domestic subcontractors and distributing products in the USA or Canada. We work in conjunction with international or domestic suppliers, committing to advance funds on delivery of finished goods, thereby putting the weight of our financial strength behind the order and giving suppliers assurance that they will be paid in time.

The cost of PO financing varies for each transaction. The monthly percentage depends on the lender’s underwriting factors like upfront payments, time to delivery and delivery contract adherence.

PO financing is usually provided through letters of credit issued on behalf of our clients. By the nature of this instrument, suppliers of our clients limit their exposure to our clients by replacing it with an exposure to our bank’s credit.

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