Learn how Coral funded Dr Sears Family Essentials by Financing Receivables

financing receivables

About Company: Dr. Sears Family Essentials (Dr. Sears) distributes children’s health products, nutritional supplements, and snacks. Health food stores, grocery stores, mass and club retailers are all served under the aegis of venerated pediatrician – Dr. Bill Sears.

Problem: The company was looking to improve the cash flow situation and achieve significant business growth. They were targeting large nationwide retailers to increase shipments without the stress of a liquidity crunch. Working capital was needed for financing flexibility that would accommodate its growth and seasonality.

Our Solution: Coral Capital recognized the strength of Dr. Sears brand and its potential to generate increasing sales as the economy continues to improve. Under the terms of the agreement, Coral Capital provided funding of 6.4 million by financing receivables.

Result: The company increased its nationwide shipment without worrying about cash flow. They were happy with the ease of documentation process and quick funding that complemented their growth plan.

Testimonial: “What I found to be so appealing about Coral Capital Solutions was the ease at which the transaction occurred; we were able to get a deal done very quickly. They were there for us providing a financial solution quickly and when we needed it most” said Tom Hicks, CEO of Dr. Sears Family.