AR Financing


AR financing is a form of commercial finance that can provide fast working capital. It uses accounts receivable as a basis for financing.

It provides business owners, CEOs and CFOs with predictable cash flow and assists in a fast conversion of invoices into cash. We purchase Accounts Receivables (invoices) and immediately advance a significant portion of their face value to our clients.

We base our purchases on credit risk evaluation of the strength of our clients’ customers. This process allows us to finance even those companies that are not suitable for bank loans.

It further allows our clients to get much-needed cash for their working capital needs for example to pay their suppliers. Factoring helps clients to smooth out cash flow mismatches and enables them to focus on their core business without being burdened by continual short-term funding constraints.

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AR Financing


Advances: Upon assignment of their receivables, clients draw funds according to a previously agreed advance rate. Our clients use the advances to buy raw materials, to satisfy labor obligations or to be able to negotiate discounts with their suppliers in exchange for quicker payments. Advances typically cover all of the costs of goods sold and a portion of the fixed cost/overhead.

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Factoring of Accounts Receivables has additional benefits –

Credit Protection – Since Coral Capital’s analysis focuses on the credit strength of our client’s customers, we keep monitoring such credit and provide a quick approval or flag out concerns with respect to existing and new customers.
In fact, our clients outsource the credit qualification process and the routine management of customers’ credit to us. When we factor Accounts receivable, we assume the credit risk of the customer.

Accounts Receivable management – On a daily basis, Coral Capital Solutions manages the Accounts receivable pool of its clients. We monitor aging of the receivables, verifying on time payment by customers, and providing 24/7 access to real-time on-line detailed report to our clients.

Collection and cash management – Our clients use Coral Capital for their cash receipts and daily cash application, management of the Receivable and providing on-line 24/7 reporting tool.

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