Disposal Product Importer Increased Cash Flow with Purchase Order Factoring

factoring purchase order

Client: Importer of Disposable Products

Financial Solution: Purchase Order Factoring

Situation: This New York company specializes in importing disposable products such as plastic cutlery, plastic straws, foil, gloves and plastic food containers and selling them to large food service distributors in the U.S. The company had an opportunity to quickly grow their business by leveraging the company’s principal’s relationships in the food service industry, but the expansion required both purchase order factoring and receivables financing. The small Midwest firm it had been factoring with could not accommodate their needs, and the business turned to Coral Capital.

The Deal: Coral Capital supported the company’s growth with a Purchase Order and Factoring facility. Coral Capital was able to provide 100% of the cost of the P.O. through cash against documents in order to facilitate delivery of the goods to the customers.

The Result: The company was able to take advantage of multiple growth opportunities simultaneously, and has been able to execute their growth plan for 2013.

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