A Business Processing Outsourcer Leveraged Receivable Financing

receivable financing

About company: A U.S. based company with operations in the Philippines providing inbound and outbound services to catalog retailers, tech companies, utilities and the financial services industry.

With highly qualified US personnel and offshore operations, they deliver quality work at a very affordable price. The management team has industry experience and were able to grow the operations from startup to several million in revenue.

Problem: Company realized the scope of growth over next two years, but were not able to implement a growth plan due to lack of working capital.

They were also looking to hire more talent for overseas operations to match the quality and cost of competitors.

Our solution: After realizing the need of a financing partner, the company reached out to Coral Capital Solutions for its customized accounts receivables financing solution. The company chose Coral as a partner based on the automated verification process, and ability to quickly process a very large number of small invoices.

We were quickly able to understand the requirements and offer a receivable financing solution by factoring their invoices.

Result: The company was able to implement growth plan for the next year. They also increased staffing in overseas facilities doubling its overall call center seating capacity.

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